A brand new roller coaster is officially open for guests at SeaWorld Orlando! Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is a totally unique roller coaster for thrill-seekers who visit Orlando’s theme parks.

SeaWorld is also proud to partner with the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida to leverage the new thrill to raise awareness of marine life conservation and the need to protect the Florida coral reef.

Pipeline, the first-of-its-kind surf coaster, brings the rush of launching up and feeling every bank and curve as though you’re really riding the waves, thanks to innovative dynamic seats that gives you unparalleled freedom of movement. Experience the ultimate thrill with the addition of this seventh coaster to the Coaster Capital of Orlando.

The surfing-themed ride is 110 feet high and reaches speeds of up to 60 mph. The coaster takes guests on an incredible journey with five different airtime moments as it races along its 2,950 feet of track. The new coaster is located at the front of the park between Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium.

The new attraction celebrates the iconic surfing cultures found around the world with a unique surfboard ride vehicle that gives riders an immersive experience when their seats rise and fall to mimic the sensation of riding on a wave. 

There are no seats on the new Pipeline roller coaster, but there are height restrictions. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall to ride. The maximum height is 78 inches.

The grand opening of Pipeline: The Surf Coaster kicks off on the same day that the theme park begins its Summer Spectacular, which includes new entertainment and nighttime shows.

Stay late all summer to immerse yourself in exotic worlds of light and music and experience your favorite SeaWorld attractions in a whole new way. Dance the night away with world-class DJs for a family-friendly party beneath the waves. Then end the night with Ignite, a fireworks spectacular that brings the brilliance of the sea to the sky above. Put a charge in your summer at SeaWorld’s vibrant Summer Spectacular.

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