“Welcome to Jurassic Park!”

The Jurassic Park Tribute Store officially opened May 26th at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

The “immersive retail location” will allow guests to venture through a series of themed rooms from pre-production elements like storyboards and blueprints, to photo ops recreating memorable scenes from the movie.

Special anniversary merchandise including apparel, hats, keychains, plush toys, collectibles and more will also be sold there.

The immersive experience starts on the outside of the store where guests will see a replica of a Triceratops.

Following that experience, guests will step inside the store’s first room that details how filmmakers were able to bring the film to life.

The room features original storyboards, blueprints and replicas of props and models used in the movie.

Moving into the second room of the store, guests will step into Stage 28, one of the former film stages used by Universal Pictures to create the movie.

The final room takes you through the gates of Jurassic Park and into a museum of sorts that showcases some of the film’s original merchandise that was released back in 1993. From board games and toys to children’s shoes – this area has something for everyone.

You’ll also find some delightful treats like the Dr. Ian Malcom Brownie!

Universal is also adding “Jurassic Park”-themed food items to the menu at Thunder Falls at Islands of Adventure, including a coconut caveat churro, Prehistoric Raptor Wings and the Wild Refresherrrr — a new Fanta flavor tied to the anniversary.

Universal Cinemark in Citywalk will also show the original film June 9th through 11th.

Be sure to head over to Islands of Adventure to see the attractions based off the iconic film franchise, such as the Jurassic Park River Adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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