Character Meet and Greet, which is now called Sightings, is slowly coming back in Walt Disney World. We met four Princesses today at Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland inside the Magic Kingdom.

dorkyparksdad: Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

We first met up with Princess Elena of Avalor and she looked radiant in her dress.

dorkyparksdad: Princess Elena of Avalor

We then met up with Princess Tiana who was so happy to be back and meeting people again. She warned us about Dr. Facilier and avoid any interaction with him.

The next princess we met was Rapunzel. She wanted to show us some decorations she and Pascal are currently doing. She was a joy to talk to.

dorkyparksdad: Cinderella

Last but certainly not the least, we had a sighting with Cinderella. She was elegant as ever as she talked about her excitement of talking and seeing people again.

The Sighting is a little different from what we were used to before the pandemic but it is still magical!

Disney: Screenshot from My Disney Experience App

As of writing, Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience App is still showing Sighting as Temporarily Unavailable. I am hoping they update this with times soon.

We will be meeting with Mickey Mouse tomorrow and we are excited to have some interaction with him again.

Are you excited about meeting the Princesses? Who is your favorite Princess? Tell me in the comments.

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