Disney Imagineers are planning a thrilling expansion to the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park. They will add an attraction featuring a legion of Marvel superheroes going on a multiverse adventure against King Thanos.

According to Imagineering executive creative director Brent Strong, the E-Ticket ride vehicle features a design that combines elements of Tony Stark’s time-suits with Xandarian jump points and Wakanda technology.

The new ride vehicles will use portal technology that helps transport superheroes throughout the Marvel multiverse in a matter of moments, according to the backstory created for the attraction.

The backstory of the ride will show guests how the Avengers are developing new technology that will allow Avengers Campus to become the hub of a new multi-world mission spanning the universe.

The ride will pit riders against King Thanos, a character that first debuted in comics. The ride villain is a powerful variant of the Thanos we saw in the “Infinity War” and “Endgame” MCU films.

Concept art for the ride showed characters from many Marvel projects, ranging from multiple versions of the live action Avenger superheroes to animated versions of characters seen in What If? 

No opening date or formal attraction name has been announced for the Avengers ride, but more details will be announced in the future. 

Photo Credit: Disney Parks

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