The Disneyland Resort is no stranger to updates and changes. There has even been a lot of newness to come to the resort just in this year alone.

Dorkyparksdad: Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland

Now, ahead of Disneyland’s debut of their new Genie system, some new changes have arrived at the Disneyland Resort.

Dorkyparksdad: Disneyland website for the Magic Keys

When it comes to Disneyland’s new Magic Keys, one is currently no longer available for purchase. The resort’s top tier Dream Key just recently sold out. Both the Believe and Enchant Keys are still available. Also, if you are a Southern California resident, you can still purchase the Imagine Key.

Dorkyparksdad: Parking information and purchase available via Disneyland website

Another change has taken place with the resort’s theme park parking. All day parking will now be $30. Parking vouchers can still be purchased ahead of time using the Disneyland website. This price will be reflected at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, Pixar Pals Parking Structure, and the Toy Story Parking Lot.

Dorkyparksdad: Tier 5 ticket prices through December 2021

Lastly, changes have also been made when it comes to Disneyland Resort theme park tickets. Some of the tier pricing for different tiered tickets have increased and the resort has also added a 6th tier. Here’s a breakdown of the tiered prices for a 1 park 1 day ticket:

  • Tier 1 ticket- $109 (no increase)
  • Tier 2 ticket- $119 (was $114)
  • Tier 3 ticket- $134 (was $124)
  • Tier 4 ticket- $149 (was $139)
  • Tier 5 ticket- $159 (was $154)
  • Tier 6 ticket- $164 (newest tier, will go into effect March 2022)

For a 1 day, 1 park hopper ticket, you would still need to add another $60.

Dorkyparksdad: Disneyland ticket booths

That’s all the changes for now, and we will always continue to keep you updated on the latest, so stay tuned!

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