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The Walt Disney World 50th anniversary is just over a week away and we’re so excited!

It’s been so fun watching the resort change before our eyes and get a grand 50th makeover. One of the most fun displays has been the Disney Fab 50 golden statues.


These statues have been gaining some big attention because of their great detail and just by how fun they are to find and look at. But if you don’t know where exactly to find these unique 50 statues, not to worry! We have broken down exactly where find the Disney Fab 50 at Walt Disney World.


Magic Kingdom-

Credit: magicallymyah
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse: Located in the center of the hub near the Cast Member dedication plaque
  • Donald & Daisy Duck: Located directly across from Minnie and Mickey
goofy golden statue magic kingdom
Credit: magicallymyah
pluto golden statue magic kingdom
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Chip & Dale: Also located in the help, close to the Partners statue
  • Goofy & Pluto: Also located near the Partners statue
lady and the tramp statue
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Lady & the Tramp: This lovely duo can be found in Town Square, near the entrance and located by the flag pole
  • Dumbo & Timothy Mouse: These two can be found as you head towards Tomorrowland
  • Jaq & Gus: Can be conveniently found on one of the castle turrets, on the right
dumbo golden statue
Credit: magicallymyah
jaq and gus statues on cinderella castle
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Tinker Bell: Make sure you look to the sky as you make your way away from the hub and towards Liberty Square
  • Winnie the Pooh & Piglet: If you take the path away from the hub and towards Crystal Palace, you can spot these two and how cute they are!
tinker bell disney fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah
pooh and piglet disney fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah

In Adventureland you can find Abu hanging out on the entrance sign and as you approach the Sunshine Terrace, you can even spot the Orange Bird.

abu statue in adventureland
Credit; magicallymyah
orange bird in adventureland
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Pinocchio: Located near Pinocchio’s Village Haus
pinocchio statue in fantasyland
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Lumiere & Cogsworth: Located on the path towards Be Our Guest restaurant
lumiere and cogsworth statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • The Mad Hatter: Located near the Mad Tea Party
mad hatter statue
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Cheshire Cat: Also, located near the Mad Tea Party
cheshire cat statue mad tea party
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Stitch: Located at the purple wall in between Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and the Tomorrowland Terrace
stitch disney fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah

Disney’s Hollywood Studios-

woody and bo peep at hollywood studios
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Woody & Bo Peep: As you approach the Chinese Theatre, this duo is located right in front
edna mode fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Edna Mode & Frozone: Both are located to the left of the Chinese Theatre
bb-8 statue at hollywood studios
Credit: magicallymyah
r2-d2 disney fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah
  • BB-8 & R2-D2: Located near the Dockside Diner
joe gardner from soul statue
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Joe Gardner: Playing the piano and located to the right of the Chinese Theatre
sebastian and flounder disney fab 50
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Sebastian & Flounder: Can be found right in front of the Brown Derby restaurant


olaf disney 50 statues
Credit: magicallymyah

Before you begin your journey to the World Showcase, you can find these dynamic duos!

  • Olaf & Bruni
pua and hei hei from moana, statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Pua & Hei Hei
rocket and groot, statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Rocket & Baby Groot
miguel from coco
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Miguel & Dante
figment statue at epcot
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Figment: Located in Future World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom-

You don’t have to wander too far to find these Disney Fab 50 statues. They are located right in front of the Tree of Life!

bambi and thumper statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Bambi & Thumper
timon and pumbaa fab 50 statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Timon & Pumbaa
simba 50 statues
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Simba
dory and nemo statue at animal kingdom
Credit: magicallymyah
  • Nemo & Dory

You have to get a good look at the Disney Fab 50 statues! Especially, because these statues won’t be at the parks forever. They will be on display for 18 months during Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary! So catch them while you can!

Which ones of the Disney Fab 50 is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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