It’s been a few days since the Disneyland Resort announced it’s new passholder system. Now the official release of the 4 new Magic Keys is just days away, but there still seems to be some confusion.

Just ahead of having Disneyland’s Magic Keys available for sale, Disneyland took to their new @DisneylandMagicKey Instagram account to answer Guests questions about the new and upcoming system.

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Credit: Disney

It seems like the biggest question future Key Holders have is regarding reservation days. Since there are 4 different Magic Keys to choose from and each one comes with a certain amount of days Guests can hold reservations, we can see how there is a bit of confusion.

Credit: Disney

Future Magic Key Holders asked: How exactly will my Magic Key holder theme park reservations work?

Disneyland had this to say in response: Depending on what Magic Key type you choose to purchase, you may hold a specific number of theme park reservations at a time, within a 90-day booking window, subject to applicable blockout dates. For example, if you purchase an Imagine Key pass, you can hold up to 2 theme park reservations at a time. Once you enter a park on one of your two booked reservation days (or timely cancel a reservation), then you can make another, new reservation, within that 90-day window.

Credit: Disney

As a reminder, here are the different Key types and how many reservation days each one offers:

  • Dream Key Holds up to 6 reservation days
  • Believe Key Holds up to 6 reservation days
  • Enchant Key– Holds up to 4 reservation days
  • Imagine Key- Holds up to 2 reservation days

Make sure to grab your Magic Key when they release on August 25, 2021!

Which Magic Key will you be getting and why? Let us know in the comments!

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