a dorky dad's guide to parking at disneyland

If you’re planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort, there are a few important things to keep in mind. We’re not just talking about the do’s and don’ts or where to find the best Disney snacks. Although, snacks are important, there’s another thing to consider before visiting. Where are you going to park?

Parking at the Disneyland Resort has gone through some changes, but there’s no reason to worry, because this is the ultimate parking guide.

Anaheim Garden Walk-

anaheim garden walk exterior
Credit: Screenshot via Anaheim Garden Walk website

This Dorky Dad loves to park here. If you don’t mind a brisk walk. The current day rate for parking at the Anaheim Garden Walk is $25. What we also love about this parking structure is that it is covered. During the hot summer months, it’s nice to know that your car isn’t just baking in the heat.

Mickey & Friends/Pixar Pals Parking Structure-

pixar pals parking structure
Credit: dorkydisneydad

We love this parking structure a lot more when the trams are running, but it still has some great qualities. The convenience of having restrooms at the structure is nice, especially if you have had a lengthy drive.

pedestrian walkway from pixar pals parking structure
Credit: dorkydisneydad

But what we really enjoy about the Pixar Pals structure specifically, is the walkway that takes you to the Downtown Disney District. We like this walkway because it is predominantly shaded, unlike your other option, which is to walk the tram route.

Credit: dorkydisneydad

The only that we don’t necessarily love about this walkway, is that it currently leads you to the security check that’s adjacent to the Disneyland Hotel. Normally, Guests would arrive just outside of the Downtown Disney District sign. However, that side is now reserved for Cast Members only.

Parking for Mickey & Friends and the Pixar Pals parking structures is priced at $25 for standard parking and $30 for an oversized vehicle.

The Anaheim Hotel-

view of parking at the anaheim hotel
Credit: Anaheim Hotel website

This is a great option for all the early birds out there! The Anaheim Hotel offers park goers parking in their open lot, but it’s first come, first serve. So, that means that this option runs out fast! Especially because the Anaheim Hotel will offer special discounts for parking. And if you don’t mind a bit of a walk, this parking spot is a great choice!

Toy Story Parking Lot-

Credit: Disney

Although this isn’t the Dorky Dad’s favorite place to park at the Disneyland Resort, it does have some good offerings.

This parking location does offer shuttle bus transportation to the parks. This is great because as we have mentioned before, the Disneyland trams are not currently operating. It’s important to note that if you plan on using the shuttle bus, you must wear a mask while on board.

Another great thing about the Toy Story Parking Lot is that it caters to Guests with larger vehicles and those with extended trailers ($35).

Preferred Parking-

Credit: Disney

These parking locations all offer something great for park goers. But, then there’s Preferred Parking. We can’t help but indulge ourselves in this offering.

Sometimes it is just worth it for the sake of convenience. It can be a little pricey at $40. But if you do happen to purchase your standard parking ticket ahead of time on the Disneyland website, you can upgrade to Preferred Parking by paying the $15 difference. Trust us, you will love it!

Where’s your favorite place to park with visiting the Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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