Disney Animation’s Immersive Experience officially kicked off on Thursday, March 30, 2023 for the Las Vegas run.

The experience features an inside look at some of the greatest Walt Disney Animation Studios films.

Guests can see how animators use storyboards to map out scenes in The Art of Story, as well as The Art of Effects.

The experience is immersive with wristbands that light up in different colors, which is included in the VIP and Premium tickets, as well as the opportunity to sing along to iconic Disney songs.

While waiting for the show to start, there are desks where you can learn how to draw characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and more.

Guests are surrounded by screens all around so you can watch clips as you walk around the experience.

The floor is interactive and moves with you feet for another interesting element.

The experience takes place in 11 different cities, including Las Vegas, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, Cleveland, Denver, San Antonio, Detroit, Columbus, Minneapolis and Toronto, all with different time tables.

Boston: February 23- May 29, 2023

Cleveland: January 19- April 10, 2023

Columbus: April 6- June 18, 2023

Denver: February 16- May 29, 2023

Detroit: February 9-May 14, 2023

Las Vegas: March 30-September 3, 2023

Minneapolis: March 23-June 18, 2023

Nashville: February 9-May 14, 2023

San Antonio: February 28-May 29, 2023

Toronto: December 21-March 19, 2023

Prices vary by dates and times; A basic ticket costs $44.99 and is for experience admission only.

A Premium Plus Ticket costs $54.99 and it includes: An Immersive Disney Animation print, a Lighthouse immersive cushion to rent for the show, an interactive wristband and experience admission.

VIP tickets costs $99 with freebies including Skip The Line, VIP Souvenir Laminate, an immersive Disney Animation print, a lighthouse immersive cushion to keep, an interactive wristband, FLEX and Free Return visits and experience admission.

To purchase tickets, click here.

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