The Super Star Popcorn Bucket, Super Mushroom Sipper and the 1-Up Sipper were released on Saturday for a soft opening of Super Nintendo World Snack Stand at Universal Studios Hollywood in the lower lot.

The grand opening took place on Monday, December 12.

The Super Star Popcorn Bucket retails for $39.99, the Super Mushroom Sipper for $20 and the 1-Up Sipper for $20.

The popcorn bucket comes with popcorn.

They are offering three different kinds of fruity cream soda for $12: Princess Peach Soda, Mario’s Strawberry Soda and Luigi’s Green Apple Soda.

Super Nintendo World is set to open early 2023.

Merchandise for Super Nintendo World is already available inside Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk.

No AP discounts for the Super Nintendo merchandise at the moment.

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