Harry Potter fans around the world will have the chance to purchase a new interactive wand, available exclusively at Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan and Universal Beijing Resort.

Twelve new interactive Ollivanders wands have been released to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Theme parks, plus one additional one that is exclusive to each specific theme park.

Each wand is pairs a wood type with one of three power cores: phoenix feather, dragon heartstring and unicorn hair – which are the three powerful cores preferred by Garrick Ollivander, master wandmaker. Each wand comes with a ‘wand lore’ insert that further detaIls the specific properties of the wand and the attributes belonging to the ideal owner.

There is also a unique wand for each Universal theme park around the world that can only be found at that specific location: A walnut and dragon heartstring wand at Universal Studios Hollywood, a larch and phoenix feather wand at Universal Orlando Resort, a cherry and unicorn hair wand at Universal Studios Japan and finally a red oak and unicorn hair wand at Universal Beijing Resort.

Guests can use the new Ollivanders wands to reveal magical surprises and cast spells at select locations within each of the four Universal Studios theme parks.

The new wands join the current selection of wands inspired by characters from the Harry Potter series.

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