Day 3 involved a lot of announcements about new merchandise that will be available online and in stores near you soon and few new insights to the long awaited Ahsoka series and more!

Most importantly though, Ewan McGregor let us know that he will back at Star Wars Celebration next year!

Let’s talk shows, movies, and games first:

— ‘Tales of the Jedi’ was today’s biggest announcement, set to premiere this fall on Disney+, this 6 part series will feature many familiar characters like Ahsoka, Count Dooku, and Qui-Gon Jin. While these tales will help us better understand our favorite characters not all of the stories will be so lighthearted as introducing us to baby Ahsoka and her mother. There will be minimal dialogue in these episodes, but the visuals tell us all the story we will need to know. Dave Filoni, Star Wars royalty, described this series as “Two paths and Two Choices.” This statement as well know is exactly Star Wars, the light and dark, how within us all we must find the balance.

–‘Star Wars: Galactic Pals’ has 6 episodes available with 6 more coming this summer to the Star Wars Kids website and Star Wars kids YouTube. There is new Galaxy of Creatures series premiering later this year too. Galactic pals toys are available at most major retailers now!

–The ‘Ahsoka’ series will feature Sabine, Cam, and Chopper!

–A new game ‘Star Wars: Hunters’ is coming in 2022 in iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch formats. This is a third person combat game where you can customize your hunter on the “planet of Vespaara where high-stakes competitions are awaiting them in the Arena.” If you want to learn more, click here for all the details.

–There is a really fun segment with Doug Chiang about how they designed and what inspired the images of ‘The Mandalorian’ on the live rewatch feed, you can see all of the live here!

Now for new merchandise!

— Hasbro has so many new toys coming out, but one we are especially excited for is LOLA! If you’ve watched Obi-Wan Kenobi you understand why, and you can preorder this little droid on June 1st!

— DC Shoes will be launching a new line on July 9th inspired by Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker with some of the items being exclusive skateboard capsules. In September a snow gear capsule will launch and there is a secret launch happening next year!

Erin Condren planners and stationary has a Star Wars capsule with almost anything you could want for your desk and to keep your schedule always ready for your galactic adventures. You can find the entire collection here, some pieces are customizable as well.

— Rock Love’s newest KyberCrystal collection is amazing and so unique. Take a look at this special series plus more like a Beskar or Imperial credit pendant and rings or earrings. Truly individual pieces that fit your unique style.

— Coming soon to Shop Disney: Obi-Wan Kenobi’s legacy hilt, Ashoka Tano, Boba Fett & Lightsaber inspired Her Universe ears, Ewok ears designed by Ashley Eckstein for the designer collection.

— New Otterbox case styles will be available soon.

Garmin SmartWatches and Fitness Trackers for adults and kids are available in Star Wars styles. Head over to the website to learn more.

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