I just couldn’t wait to share with you a few photos, short videos, and of course our thoughts here at Dorky Parks Dad on the brand new omni-coaster at Epcot! This is all free of spoilers of course, BUT if you just can’t wait, you can watch the full ride POV on my YouTube channel (click here)!

I was able to ride on May 15th for the D23 preview where I got some fun extra perks and was able to spend the afternoon at Epcot enjoying the Flower & Garden festival too! This lucky duck was able to ride 3 times!!! On to the review…

It was amazing!!! Video and pictures do not do it justice! It is like no other ride and I was truly impressed beyond words.

Your mind will be blown *insert mind blowing emoji here* and you’ll immediately wanted to ride again because it all happens so fast and you’re so excited that you just can’t take it all in!

The queue for this ride is exquisite, amazing, and the attention to details is off the charts (as expected), but be sure to listen to StarLord when you reach the area of the queue where the Guardians are, you just might hear some fun nods to Epcot days gone by… If you don’t catch it, message me on Instagram I’ll let you know what I heard him say!

Now on to the ride… in true Guardians style the soundtrack infuses itself into every moment and you feel like you’re literally in the moment with them. It’s smooth, it’s fast, and felt like an epic mashup of Rock ‘N Roller coaster and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with a little of Universal’s Gringott’s mixed in. I was honestly speechless when we got to the end, I couldn’t believe I got to experience it early, so awesome.

(Some thoughts from my friend Kelsey on the topic of motion sickness) – I can’t speak too much to motion sickness as before sustaining a concussion in December I never had an issue with any theme park ride, but since Flight of Passage has caused dizziness (took the glasses off, closed my eyes and I was fine), now simply riding in a car can cause me to be sick, but I took Dramamine about 30 minutes before I got on and was totally fine! Granted, I have not been on any major coasters in months so I was a bit scared of how I would react, but I was happy that I was okay! I would recommend taking something like Dramamine before riding just in case, wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. If screens are an issue for you definitely be prepared because there is a lot of screen action.

All I can say is you’re going to love it and truly can’t wait to hear what you all think about this innovative, one of a kind, ride!

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