Did you catch some beads? Eat some beignets or a King Cake? Watch the Second Line? Well if you didn’t you have 8 more days! Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando ends on April 24.

Food booths with all your cajun favorites can be found in Production Central, New York, Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, and San Fransisco. There are crawfish and shrimp boils, gumbo, beignets, twisted taters, king cakes, Hurricanes, and so much more to enjoy! There are also themed treats and merchandise inside the awesomely decorated Tribute Store.

Throughout the day parade performers and stilt walkers are roaming the streets to interact with guests before the nightly parade. And as an extra perk, Annual Passholders can join the queue at 12pm daily for a chance to ride on the parade floats and throw beads at fellow park guests! (This is something we here at Dorky Parks Dad have not experienced, but it’s on our list for next year!)

In February and March the celebration also included various concerts on Friday and Saturday nights for anyone who was in the parks! We never saw a new artist lineup happen for April, but we are definitely keeping an eye out for the announcement of 2023 festivities!

Here are some photos of the parade floats for you to enjoy!

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