Easter Sunday is on April 17 and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa has Easter treats in their treat cart, located in the lobby. They’re offering a lot of different options, prices range from $8 to $25. Scroll down to read more and see some of the offerings.

Easter Chocolate Bunny

There’s also an Easter Chocolate Bunny for $10.

Cookie Shots and Easter Carrot Cake Loaf

If you missed out on the cookie shots that were offered at Halloween and Christmas, you’re in luck. They are back and still offering both alcoholic ($16) and non-alcholic ($8) shots. Non-Alcoholic options includes: Green Milk, Low Fat Milk, Chocolate Milk and Strawberry Milk. Alcoholic options includes: Baileys, Grand Marnier, Captain Morgan, Rumchata, Jameson and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

What are trying from the treat cart? Sound off in the comments.

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