This article will be more like journal entries, continually updated, as food and beverages are tasted and topiaries are photographed so stay tuned!

3/13/2022: Captured some awesome shots of the topiaries and gardens: Buzz, Elsa, Snow White & the 7 dwarves, Encanto garden, Bonsai Garden, Pluto, Chip, & Dale, the Three Caballeros, Fantasia, Huey, Dewey, & Louie, plus the iconic floating gardens by the monorail…

For food, it was just beverages this round… Violet Lemonade is always a must for me and this year Joffrey’s is offering refreshers at their 4 kiosks inside the park! I tried the Wildberry Wonder, from the American Pavilion, it was okay. It tasted more blueberry than wildberry and very watered down. Still have 3 more to try so we shall see which one will prevail.

4/8/2022: Festival favorites and some fun Photopass Magic Shots for this visit!

The Blood Orange Agua Fresca is a 12/10 for me (Kelsey)! It’s refreshing and always hits the spot on a warm day in Epcot! You can find it at Flavorful Kitchen.

The Pineapple Skewer topped with Tajin seasoning from the Refreshment Outpost (Africa) was also delicious! 10/10! Now, I have had this in the past and it wasn’t so great because the pineapple was not ripe enough, but this one was the perfect blend of sweet and spice!

One of my favorite things during the festival is to see all of the beautiful hydrangeas that fill in all the spaces around the park, the colors are simply beautiful.

Everyone loves Encanto right? Well, I do, so these Photopass moments were a must! The Luisa magic shots are located in Italy, just before the miniature trains in Germany, but it is available in all 4 of the WDW parks. While Isabella is located near the Lion King topiary, just before you cross the bridge to the Imagination Pavilion, and only at Epcot during the Flower & Garden festival.

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