When Disneyland opened in 1955 Merlin had a magic shop just behind Sleeping Beauty castle and today that magic shop reopened, with a new name in the exact same spot, in all its “higitus figitus migitus mum prestidigitonium” glory. If you’re an easter-egg fan like me you’ll love spending time in here trying to find all the nods to “Sword and The Stone.” Be sure to look in every corner, window, and doorway because you never know what you’ll find! See if you can spot all the things from Merlin’s bag he packs when he goes to teach King Arthur around the store; it seems as though Merlin still doesn’t understand how to be organized…

In an interview with The Orange County Register Michael Dobrzycki, Imagineering Art Director, said the new name is “going to allow us to change out the offerings with moderate regularity. It could be anything because Merlin has a huge, broad academic interest in all things and he’s got one foot in the future, one foot in the past and his finger in every pie.”

Fun fact, did you know that Merlin’s Magic Shop (1955-1983) is where Steven Martin worked for 3 years! It’s said that he even has the original sign that hung out front, much like the new sign as it was modeled after the original.

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