The very first collaboration between Cirque du Soleil, Disney animators, and Imagineering teams created a love letter to the world and art of animation. The stage is transformed into an enormous animators table and the filled with performances, set designs, and costumes that showcase the magic of animation through exquisite movement, choreography, and classic Disney scores. The show is everything Cirque du Soleil is known to be with the added magic of Disney animation.

This story follows a girl who finds some unfinished animation on her father’s desk after his death; a magical pencil and various muses help her see how Disney animation has influenced her life and how animation can become anything she wants.

Tickets begin at $85 with most shows being held Tuesday thru Saturday at 530pm and 800pm. Concessions are available for purchase as well as various commemorative items in the gift shop. I would highly recommend that you choose a seat further back so you can see the entire show. There are so many amazing elements to this show you don’t want to miss any of it!

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