Here’s a full review of what to see, expect, and know about aboard the Halcyon Starcruiser! We’ve taken the time to read through all the information from Disney Parks Blog and get a first hand account just for you! So let’s dig in…

During an interview with Disney Parks Blog with Mikhael Tara Garver, director of immersive experiences and Portfolio Creative Executive Scott Trowbridge and Creative Director Cory Rouse from Walt Disney Imagineering describe how the Halcyon has been a part of the Galaxy’s Edge story from the beginning. The immersive starcruiser experience is not new to the minds of the Imagineering team, they created Batuu with this particular experience in mind. It is to be an immersive experience that changes the way storytelling is thought about and how one story can become many stories depending on how you interact with the characters and experiences. The adventure is meant to be a family experience where everything is tied together, images in the windows, the maps, literally every little moment ties together for the 2 days you are aboard the luxury starcruiser.

Along with Rey, Kylo, and Chewbacca you will meet a host of new characters including a few new droids named SK-620 and D3-09! Even the latest galactic fashions are available on board in ‘The Chandrilla Collection’ boutique to complement the story you create. In the boutique you can also personalize your lightsaber with Aurebesh letter icons or take home a Sk-260 of your own.

Dining on the Halcyon will bring foods from all around the galaxy to your plate; each night aboard the ship will bring new flavors and entertainment. All meals are included in your cruise price, alcoholic drinks are not. And don’t forget about your datapad, your itinerary is constantly being updated with what to do next, including your meal times and special activities you can only experience on board, like lightsaber training!

From what we’ve experienced as Star Wars fans it’s totally worth the price! So immersive, so many activities, and constant entertainment throughout the stay! Check out some photos below from inside the Halcyon!

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