Are you ready to make your visit to the Disneyland Resort easier and way more fun by simply harnessing the power of Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ service? It is conveniently built right into the Disneyland app, literally having a genie in the palm of your hand!

The Genie+ Service ($20 add on to the free Genie Service) is making it’s way to the Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney World began their Genie+ Service last October 18 of this year.

Photo Credit: Disney

The complimentary Disney Genie service will create your best Disney day inspired by your top interests. It also grants you new planning features, which includes a personalized itinerary creator.

The Genie Service provides the following to Disneyland Resort guests:

  • Tailored Recommendations
  • Personalized Park Itinerary
  • Lightning Lane Entrances
  • Custom Tip Board For Experiences and Dining
Dorky Parks Dad: Lightning lane sign for It’s a Small World

At day of launch, price ranges for individual Lightning Lane arrival window purchases could be $7 to $20 per ticket. This optional feature can be purchased one at a time for up to 2 different attractions each day.

Source: Disney

Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Entrances

“When you take your day to the next level by purchasing Disney Genie+ service, you can select the next available arrival window for Lightning Lane entrances at select attractions, one at a time, all day long. There are a variety of attractions across both theme parks that are eligible, which is great for Guests with Park Hopper Tickets!”

Individual Lightning Lane Entrances

“For some of our most highly demanded attractions, Lightning Lane entrance access will be available to purchase individually. Guests may purchase and select the next available arrival window for up to 2 attractions per day. This option will be available for all Guests with valid theme park admission and park reservations—with or without Disney Genie.”

Dorky Parks Dad: Lightning Lane sign for Space Mountain

Are you getting the Genie+ service on your next visit? Chime in on the comments!

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