Lovepop is a greeting card company that sells amazing 3D cards to celebrate special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, Valentine, Christmas and even Halloween to name a few. They have a lot of designs that will cater to any Disney fan. They opened a shop inside the Marketplace Co-op Store in Disney Springs back in 2018 and had their own location in Disney Springs in 2020. I was able to visit their store in Disney Springs earlier this month and picked up a few cards.

dorkyparksdad: Lovepop in Disney Springs
dorkyparksdad: Mickey and Minnie Lovepop 3D card

They also have 3D Bouquets that really looks amazing.

dorkyparksdad: Assorted Lovepop 3D Bouquets
dorkyparksdad: Mickey Colorful Blooms 3D Bouquet

Just this August, they announced that they were opening their new store in Downtown Disney. This marks their 6th new retail opening in the US since the beginning of 2020. Today, we found a Lovepop wall, right beside the Disney Home Store, to make where the store will be opening. There is still no announcement on when they will open their doors but I assume it’s pretty soon since Christmas is just around the corner.

dorkyparksdad: Lovepop in Downtown Disney

I, for one, really love their innovative desgins. They promote so much brightness, positivity and love in their designs. Below is a few more designs they are offering.

dorkyparksdad: Marvel 3D Card
dorkyparksdad: Mickey through the years 3D Card
dorkyparksdad: Hocus Pocus Lovepop 3D Card
dorkyparksdad: Haunted Mansion Lovepop 3D Card
dorkyparksdad: Little Mermaid Lovepop 3D Card

They have tons of other desgins to choose from like Star Wars, Pixar and Disney Princesses. It definitely makes card giving so much fun. Have you ever given or received a Lovepop 3D Card? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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