Walt Disney World’s EPCOT has undergone many enhancements over the past year. Most of the park is getting a major and much needed facelift and we’re excited to see what’s next for EPCOT. Fortunately, we do not have to wait until Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary to see some of these major updates!


epcot 50th banner
Credit: magicallymyah

Beginning September 15, 2021, Guests can enjoy 2 of these special enhancements! Recently, a marquee was installed for the newest Creations Shop. Just a few more finishing touches are left for this retail space and it will be ready for Guests on the 15th.


epcot creations
Credit: Screenshot via @thezachriddley

Also something new coming to the Creations Shop is a new product range made just for EPCOT. The EPCOT Light & Color collection will be coming to this new shop and we have an exclusive first look. The new Light products are set to make their debut when the Creations Shop opens on September 15. Take a look below!

epcot light merchandise collection
Credit: Disney

Disney describes the upcoming collection as follows:

The EPCOT Light & Color Collection explores the story of EPCOT through the whimsical application of light, the playful use of bold color and iconic EPCOT landmarks and characters.

epcot club cool
Credit: Disney

Another EPCOT landmark that has gone through some major enhancements will be reopening on September 15. Guests will now be able to return to Club Cool and sample beverages from around the world. And no need to worry, fan favorite the Beverly will be returning to Club Cool. Disney has described their inspiration behind the reimagining of this popular EPCOT hot spot:

This new portal features some fun touches that tie to EPCOT and Coca-Cola’s design legacy. The Club Cool marquee uses our EPCOT World Bold font and looks amazing in bright Coke red! The façade was inspired by classic green-hued glass Coca-Cola bottles and features the iconic Coca-Cola logo fully integrated into this dynamic design. When complete, this will be a can’t-miss destination.

epcot enhancements
Credit: Disney

We can’t wait to see more of these enhancements begin to unveil as we get closer to the Most Magical Celebration on Earth!

Will you be visiting EPCOT’s newly reimagined locations on September 15? Let us know in the comments!

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