The Disneyland Resort just unveiled its new annual pass program known as Magic Key! And can we just say that the perks of being a Magic Key holder are already paying off!


This Dorky Dad had the chance to experience the Magic Key Terrace located at Disney California Adventure park.

magic key terrace entrance
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This exclusive dining location is available just for Magic Key holders and their guests. There are no reservations available until September 2, but there is currently a mobile walk-up list.

magic key terrace menu
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Other than amazing views of the park, the Magic Key Terrace offers great bites and even better drinks!

magic key terrace cocktail
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Eric tried the “5…4…3…2…1…” cocktail. He said that it is strong but the pineapple and coconut cream compliments the beverage really well.

magic key terrace pizza bloody mary
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Another creative cocktail on the menu is the “Pizza Oom Mow Wow”! This is a pizza inspired Bloody Mary that comes with an actual slice of pizza!

magic key terrace mulholland meatballs
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magic key terrace slider invasion
Credit: dorkyparksdad

Eric also tried the “Slider Invasion” and the “Mulholland Meatballs”, both of which were so delicious and filling. We definitely recommend getting both if you visit!

magic key terrace at dca
Credit: dorkyparksdad

If you are now a Magic Key holder, you definitely need to try this exclusive dining hot spot! The experience, food, and cocktails are worth it!

Will you be visiting the Magic Key Terrace at Disney California Adventure? Let us know in the comments!

1 Comments on “Dorky Dad Foodie Review: Magic Key Terrace”

  1. Not a fan. When I went last month 3/4 of the food menu wasn’t available…it was still listed, but when you ordered they said “we don’t have that right now.”

    The gin flight tasted like old syrup and not a hint of gin in any of the 3. The pizza slice on the bloody Mary was cold and stale. The charcuterie board was good, the flatbread was way too sweet and doughy (those were the only 2 food options available).

    I miss Kurt Russell’s wine.

    They need to reimagine this area, just do exclusive rotating beer and wine with no food. Almost like a permanent beer stand from the Food and Wine festival. California breweries would love to participate in something like that year-round.

    Otherwise, the only reason to go up there is for the views.

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