disney cruise line has almost completed building new ship, the disney wish

There’s nothing quite like a Disney Cruise! The Disney Cruise Lines are currently booking itineraries out through 2022. These beautiful and massive liners are now in full preparation to welcome back Disney fans and families.

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Imagineering Germany is responsible for designing and constructing new cruise ships for Disney Cruise Line. And for the past few months, Imagineers have been working on and building the Disney Wish.

Credit: Disney Parks

Now that the Disney Wish is reaching its completion, the Imagineers are sharing updates on how construction is going.

Also known as “the bridge”, the wheelhouse is an integral part of the ship and has to be designed and crafted very carefully. The wheelhouse has to be fully functional as this is where the captains and officers command the ship from.

Credit: Disney Parks

The wheelhouse is part of a larger installation of large and wide block. With the installation of this piece, the entire foreship will be complete.

Next for the Disney Wish is the bow installation. This impressive bow will feature Minnie Mouse.

Credit: Disney Parks

The piece is just one of 100 pieces, but the tip of the bow itself weighs a shocking 500 metric tons! The installation and welding of the bow block took about 10 hours. Only 30 more pieces of bow block will be installed over the next few weeks.

The Disney Cruise Line’s new Disney Wish will be ready for its maiden voyage in June 2022?

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