Great Scott! A new escape room experience is coming to Universal Orlando’s CityWalk this Fall. “Universal’s Great Movie Escape” will feature two escape rooms that revolve around popular film franchises. The extraordinary escape room adventures are inspired by Jurassic World and Back to the Future. Both options will have its own theme, aesthetic, and level of challenge.

Escape games and escape rooms are interactive, adventure scenarios where multiple players are locked in a room and have to work together to find clues, solve puzzles and crack the code to escape within a set amount of time. Many involve a quick introduction for the rules and environment. Each game has a unique room and story.

Concepted and designed by the same creative masterminds responsible for the wildly immersive haunts of Halloween Horror Nights, Universal’s Great Movie Escape will bring two distinct and extraordinary escape adventures to the heart of Universal CityWalk. Through interactive state-of-the-art missions, captivating storytelling and intricately detailed sets, guests will be swept into the dinosaur adventures of Jurassic World or the time-traveling chaos of Back to the Future as they solve their way through a multi-sensory experience like no other.

You’ll need to bring your best problem-solving and sleuthing skills for these exciting escape rooms!

Universal’s Great Movie Escape will open later this year and tickets will go on sale in the months ahead. More information about Universal’s Great Movie Escape will be revealed soon.

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