Anyone else excited for this new place to be “connected”?! Maybe this spring?!

Imagineer Zach Riddley recently posted about the new Connections Cafe and how it’s meant to be a place where we gather around food, a connection that every culture shares. 

We know this will be a new quick service restaurant with connecting cafe, but will this be the permanent home of Starbucks? 🧐

UPDATE 3/30/22:

This will be the permanent home of Starbucks! The quick-service menu will consist of burgers, pizza, salads, and of course delicious desserts and specialty drinks! You will be able to watch your pizza be created and other food items as they are prepared for you to enjoy! Here are some photos from Disney Parks and the menu is linked below!

Photos from Disney Parks Blog

Here’s the menu preview for Lunch & Dinner!

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