The projectors around Paradise Gardens Park were opened up earlier today. I’m not sure when they will start test runs for World of Color. It’s really exciting knowing that World of Color, along with The Main Street Electrical Parade and Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular will be making their comeback starting April 22, 2022!

It’s nice to assume (and hope) that they might do some sort of World of Color show for Villains Nite, something similar to Oogie Boogie Bash back in 2019. Villain’s Nite is on on March 8th and 10th.

World of Color is a really breathtaking extravaganza as jets of water shoot into the air, lasers electrify the night and perfectly timed pyrotechnics explode in a blaze of brilliant color.

If you have not see World of Color and you want to see a video, you can click on this link to watch it from my YouTube account. Don’t forget to like and subscribe after watching.

Another show coming back is the beloved Fantasmic! It returns on May 28, 2022.

Which of the 3 shows are you most excited to see again? Sound off in the comments.

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