We’re back with another foodie review with the Dorky Dad! This time we’re reviewing one of his favorite dining locations at the Disneyland Resort, Carthay Circle.

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Carthay Circle is located in Disney California Adventure and is your portal to not only delicious dining, but to the glitz and glam that was old Hollywood. Upon entering the lounge, you are immediately transported to another time.

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This dining location reopened when the theme parks did during the global pandemic, but was only offering outdoor or Alfresco dining, with a limited menu.

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Now, Guests can dine inside and soak up the full ambiance and glamour that is Carthay Circle. But how do the two dining experiences compare?

Alfresco Dining-

This dining experience was put in place of in house dining, to comply with California health and safety regulations due to the pandemic. However, despite the slight difference in ambiance, the restaurant was still able to create a pleasant dining experience.

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Alfresco dining at Carthay offers a lighter menu. This Dork does like the smaller bites menu, but really enjoyed the desserts compared to the regular dining desserts. Eric recommends the Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae.

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When it comes to cocktails, they are very similar to the selection inside the restaurant. Although, keep in mind, that options are a lot more limited during Alfresco dining.

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In-house Dinner-

The Dorky Parks Dad says that dinner at Carthay Circle is very different from Alfresco service.

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He says that the meal is definitely worth the price. Eric ordered the steak and it was seasoned and cooked perfectly and even says the same about the pork chops.

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The one difference he noticed was that they do no offer complimentary bread. However, you can purchase a bread loaf for the table for only $10.

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Eric also loves the dinner service dessert , but recommends the Valrhona Chocolate Cream Puff.

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As far as the atmosphere and overall experience goes, the Cast Members were very attentive and check up on you often. Eric said that it really reminded him of the atmosphere inside Disneyland’s Club 33.

We think either way you slice it, whether you go to Carthay Circle Restaurant for dinner or for Alfresco dining, there’s plenty to enjoy!

Have you ever dined at Carthay Circle Restaurant at Disney California Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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